From the “5 Lessons” we move on to the “5 Elements.”  When reading this article, understand that we can help you with each “element” to round out your digital marketing strategy.  And remember, these “elements” are tactics that can be used for any size business, from the corner store to the Fortune 500 (although most of the Fortune 500 are already using them):

  1. Mobile – Your business may or may not need it’s own app, but it must have a mobile optimized Website.
  2. Organic Search – Can people find you when you are what they are looking for?  Make sure that you are topically and geographically relevant.
  3. Content Marketing – Do you know your business?  Prove it with a blog, share your knowledge online and attract people (and search engines) to your Website.
  4. Social Media Marketing – If you post it they will follow…take a few minutes every day to share something relevant to you and your business and your customers will pay attention.
  5. Nurturing Website Visitors and Email Marketing – If someone visits your Website and never shares contact information, you will never know who they were.  If you draw someone to your Website with an email marketing campaign and don’t nurture that contact, you will never gain their business.   There are many tools available to help you with both, and we can help you with all of them.